Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Weekends are blessed and somehow cursed at the same time. Blessed because after a hard week, people finally have the time they want to get some rest, go out, spend some quality time with family, friends or with themselves in the end of the day. Cursed because it’s only about two days. 48 hours to do all they have planned to do and time ends up being never enough. And there is that melancholy of Sunday afternoon regarding the following Monday. Well, Georgia K. never felt that because she loved school but please don’t blame her for being such a geek!
When it comes to clothing, people react differently to weekend outfits. Some of them are tired being formal at work and spend the whole weekend in tracksuits and others that wear their best clothes to go out, have a drink, a coffee or whatever – as long as they’re out of home, office etc. But it’s all about the mood we’re for. Georgia K. never has in mind that it’s weekend, working day, night or day. For her, getting dressed is something she loves and she expresses herself through her clothes. And if you put aside the labels and the show off, this is not superficial at all. 
Ok, now enough with the text. Let’s see some photos. What Georgia K. wore last weekend? A long black skirt and her favorite boyfriend jean combined with… 

Georgious Listening

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