Sunday, May 12, 2013

GEORGIOUS GREEK EASTER 1 outfit 4 places

Georgia K. has spent all the Easter Holidays in the village she grew up. Well, all apart from one year in which  she was in Spain, doing her Erasmus. But this is another great story of her and maybe one day she'll talk to you about this one of the kind era of Erasmus people.
To the point now. The highlight of her village(s) and the areas around,is simply the nature, trees, fields and goes on. One day, it was Sunday, she wore two of her favorite pieces, a denim shirt and a pair of blue cropped pants (ok, Celia Birtwell x Uniqlo!) and she took some photos at various places.  And these places are beautiful, a mix of green and somehow vintage, so she wants to show all of them to you . Ok, neither she wants to see the same outfit four times but consider her presence as a pictorial intervention! And enjoy the view :)

PS. Wait a minute... 4 places, meaning 4 pics. What is going on with the 5th one?!!

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