Thursday, May 09, 2013


This time, Georgia K. wants to start her Easter journey the other way around. So instead of the parts (btw, how many will she do?), she's sharing the latest Instagram photos, just to have a feeling (ok and images) of how her Greek Easter was.
Generally, she won't share the brands of what she's wearing. Simply because the 80% of them is H&M and the rest is Zara, Mango and the other high street brands. So, it would be boring if she was repeating the same things. BUT! The blue trousers with the Romanian prints... Well, this one definitely deserves our attention. Our girl found in Paris a high street brand she had never heard before. Its name is Uniqlo and it is Japanese. AND! She was lucky to discover the brand's collaboration with Celia Birtwell, style icon and textile designer (read more here). The whole collection was amazing but she bought only these blue trousers (as a geek, her priority was buying books & magazines)! And she fuckin' loves them.
Τhat was a short story for this picture. Since all pictures have a story to tell us and memories to bring up... But Georgia K. has already said that, hasn't she?

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