Friday, May 17, 2013


Sometimes, words are meaningless, when it comes to natural beauty. To be honest, when Georgia K. took these photos, she was thinking "Ahhhh, let's photograph this and that, I'll upload them in my blog to make some buzz, maybe people will like my perspective as much as I do!" And this one provokes the question whether we really enjoy the moment or we consistently try to make our lives seem interesting in the eyes of our social network.
But you know what? Land and water, are somehow eternal. They've been there before us and (hopefully) will remain there after us. And their vibe is such that you cannot resist. You just want to capture what you see, no matter if it's gonna be catchy, social media wise. And if Georgia K. was looking back, in the dustbin of her photos, she would have found again and again the same sceneries inside.


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