Sunday, May 19, 2013


Ok, you might say "OMG, again with the Easter?! Come on, that was 2 weeks ago, get over it!" But Georgia K. is quite busy with other activies (oh, and a full-time job!) as well, so she's struggling to show you all the things she wants in a timely manner. And sometimes, she just can't make it. But wait a minute... Who can define time? And what does "in a timely manner" mean? You see, May is still on and these photos could have been taken yesterday... So everything is relative. 
Now, about these photos. They can be considered as a sequel of the previous post about land and water (What? Not a clue about that? Click here now.) but now she's part of them, again as a pictorial intervention! 
So that was all about Georgious Greek Easter. It was not something extravagant but it had the ID of Georgia K. And as they say: "There is no place like home..."

Georgious Listening

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