Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Well, we've heard that before. Georgia K.grew up in a village. She lived there until she reached the age of sweet eighteen. Then, she went to the city for studies and now she lives and works in Athens... But again, this is another story, she really has an issue with organizing her thoughts!
Anyway, today there is a nighty post, since all outfits were shot in the dark. And Georgia K. wore them and went to the church. Don't get her wrong, she's not that religious (no offense). But in those 18 years, church was one of her few chances she had to go out, wearing her best clothes. Now, although she has left the village, almost a decade now for the dream of the big city, she keeps this tradition. Even if her best clothes are not that "formal" anymore ahd she's wearing them from work to go out and so on. And these clothes below are her brand new tradition.

PS. Georgia K's mother really wants to see her daughter becoming a famous blogger, that's why she gave it all in the photos! :)


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