Saturday, May 25, 2013

Green Nights

Just before Saturday night starts, Georgia K. is sharing a nighty post again. All these photos were taken by night. She definitely prefers the daylight but it's not always possible to be photographed when she wants (when she hires a professional photograph, she can do whatever she wants but this is another dream!). Nevertheless, the night has its own special magic and adds a dark allure in the scenery. And she finds it kind of fascinating, don't you think?
Well, the below clothes were worn last week. One of them was a Saturday night outfit - can you find out which one of them? To give you a clue, you can only suspect it from the size of the bag. Because otherwise, there is no difference on them. Georgia K. combine her clothes having in mind only her style and not the occasion (almost). Not too sexy (sometimes not at all!), a bit androgyny and loooots of colors! :) In this case, green. It's not her first choice but she heard it looks good on ginger girls. So she said to give it a shot. Like it?
She has to leave now and get dressed for this Saturday night. Which color will win tonight???

GEORGIOUS listening

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