Thursday, May 23, 2013

Into The Blue

If Georgia K. had to choose one color for the rest of her life, that would be the blue one. But it wasn't always that way. She used to opt for pink until one day, 4 years ago, she remember herself trying to decide whether to buy a pair of baby blue sunglasses or not, because she was wondering "With what am I going to wear them, I don't have anything to match them!!!". But, despite the "zero options", she bought them. And few months later, all her clothes were blue. Not intentionally. Blue was the only color she could not resist when she went shopping, it was like it could talk directly to her heart.
Nowadays, things are pretty much the same. Even if she has welcomed to her life the beloved prints (any kind) and the magnificence of color blocking, blue is still her color, the one she'll turn to in case of special occasions and her first choice when she can't decide what to wear. 
But enough again with the words. Let's dive into blue images. Georgia K. loves maxi skirts, as you can see. She thinks that it might be the only garment that can be so classy in such a casual way. Also, please note her blue bag. The brand's name is Ippolito and Pavlina, the head designer, is one of the cutest girls. When Georgia K. saw these bags for the first time (click here in case you wanna see too), she knew that one day, she would buy one of them in ...  blue!
So, that was all. In case you were not convinced yet about her obsession, well, look around. Do you think that everything in the blog is blue simply by chance???

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