Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Red Urbanity

This post is dedicated to the illustrator of this blog, ifigenia in the city. One day, Georgia K. asked her "What do you think about my new post?". She said "It's nice but enough with the nature... Why don't you show something different? Something a bit more urban?" And Georgia K. told her " Yeah, you're right, I'll show different sceneries as well blah blah blah, but you know what, I love nature and trees and flowers blah blah blah." In the end, she considered her proposal as an opportunity (as we have to do with all the well intentioned ones) and she asked her to take some photos of her in an urban mood.
So here we are! Her clothes had a splash of red, one of her top colors but mostly in details and in lips (she can wear red lipstick from very early in the morning). In the first case, she played it safe, doing the classic, adorable combination red - white - black. In the second case, she wore a red blouse along with printed cropped pants. Still safe combination for her because she loves experimenting with two different prints in the same outfit. No worries, we'll see such photos too, hopefully in the near future... ;) 

PS. What about these photos Ifi??? :)


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