Monday, May 27, 2013

Urban Nature

There we go again with the Instagram. Georgia K. won't mention again how amazing the images can be through its filters. She's only going to share some photos of her daily life as captured through this platform. These ones have nothing to do with clothes and poses. The key theme is one of her favourites. "Urban nature" as she tends to call it. Although grown up in a village, nature was not always her kind of thing. She was captivated by the big cities, ever since she was a little kid. Until she visited Sevilla, in Spain. And that city changed her worldview once for all. The combination of parks and buildings in such a harmonic way... Oh, this is probably what they called "Earthly paradise". If you have never been there, please make it your next destination. :)
Again out of topic! Georgia K. lives in Athens, so her photos are mainly from there. As a city, it might not have so many parks but you know what? You can find beauty in everything. Why not capture it? A little park in the middle of buildings and cars. Palms in the centre of Athens. Flowers under the sun. Chrysanthemums in balconies. Blooming gardens. But... what about the last (irrelevant?) pic? Well, this little junkie princess is one of Georgia K.'s favourite t-shirts. OK, we said no clothes but she couldn't help but to add this one as well :P

Have a nice week people :)


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