Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bad Romance

From a "wedding" week couldn't be missing a white dress. It's not that Georgia K wants to get married (soon). It's that the white color has something from fairy tales inside it. It can be romantic, innocent, dreamy, sweet... It makes you feel like a princess, especially when you're wearing dresses or skirts of lace or chiffon. So she wore one of her favorite dresses just to get more in the wedding mood ;)
The first time she wore that dress, she didn't try at all to minimize its romantic effect. She combined it with peep-toe flat shoes in light yellow, a baby pink handbag and wavy hairdo. the easy way, someone could say. The outcome was pretty good, she wanted to make a good impression... But it was too "Comme il faut" for her! Unfortunately, there is no photo available but probably you can create an image in your mind! This time, she gave it a twist, the other way around! She mixed it with black high heels, a black necklace with spikes and a "geometric" clutch bag. The hairdo? Natural as there was no free time to deal properly with hair unless there was a hairdresser available (#everydaystories)! Don't know about you, but she loved this outfit. OK, you might say "Black & White can't go wrong". And you'll be right! But it's the rock twist, the dark side of an apparently quiet and shy girl, sorry dress, that made her really excited about her choice!!
So which one would you like more; a total romantic look or ... a bad romance? ;) Enjoy :)

PS. Obviously, the last pic is a special one :D


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