Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blue Obsession

There is definitely a blue obsession here, that started a couple of years ago and, by the moment that these words are being written, seems endless . As we're coming closer to the gran finale of the wedding week (2 outfits left! Yeah!), what we'll see, will be only blue. Friends of Georgia K. won't be surprised at all. After all, blue is her trademark!
So that day, she wore an H&M blue dress (her closet could be a shameless product placement), with her black high heels and her beloved pink necklace. And she did many things with this outfit, from shooting, blogging to ... doing the dishes (with the last one, she felt a bit like a... desperate housewife :P)! Anyway, it was a nice evening, drinking all night a delicious mastic liqueur, but that part stayed consciously out of the photos!
Of course, there is a special pic again, this time only with the bride!
Enjoy ;)


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