Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Her First Bachelor

Most of you have probably already read that last week was a week off work for Georgia K., in order to celebrate undistracted the marriage of her best friend. Along with the "best woman" (the 3rd member of the gang), they spent the whole week together, getting ready for the ceremony but also socializing with the people that were coming to the brand new house of the couple to congratulate them for their upcoming wedding. Oh, it was reaaaally fun, every day she just had to put on her best clothes and smile and just spinning around. 
But the week didn't start on Monday... Actually, it started on Saturday with the Bachelor night! It was a girls' night out (as the tradition wants) and they spent it in bouzoukia (a very greek way of entertainment!). For Georgia K. it was the first bachelor that she was joining; maybe a sign that she's getting older??!! Although she was tired (#neverends) and she couldn't make the most of it, she had a really good time. The night ended up in the morning, where she took advantage of  the sunlight and she had some photos wearing her brand new black&white jumpsuit with stripes. She combined it with her pearl necklace, black high heels and a pink-red clutch bag. Do you keep a secret?? She thought she was so stylish, she had the perfect outfit, she loved her vague hairdo... Until she got to bouzoukia. And there, she felt like a nun. She wonders whether this could be food for thought... Nevermind, let's see some pics now! The last one, is a special photo. Enjoy :) More to come ;)

PS. Really, does she look like she needs some sleep?


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