Friday, June 14, 2013

Trip to Geneva

A couple of weeks ago, Georgia K. went to Geneva for a few days. It was a business trip (nothing to do with the blog) but it turned out there was some pleasure as well. Two dinners, the first one to an Italian restaurant with a Greek friend who lives there (by the way, she got really excited, because she understood almost every French word she heard there!!) and the other one in a riverboat on the lake of Geneva (or lake Leman), were the highlight of the trip. Especially, the second one, where people from various countries sang traditional songs. The guys from Pakistan, Poland and Turkey really rocked!!! But her favorite song was the Italian one, probably because "Una faccia una razza"?
Geneva also surprised her in a positive way. It was the second time she visited it, it was summer and so green!! OK, people might say it's a bit boring city... She won't disagree! She just wants to say that it is an unexpectedly beautiful city with a magnificent lake. And one day, she would like to have a road trip in Swiss ;) But for now, let's enjoy some photos from her short trip :)

PS: The Italian song is the "GEORGIOUS Listening" of this post :)

 GEORGIOUS Listening

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