Monday, June 24, 2013

Unconventional Stripes

The "wedding" week was so funny! As of that Monday and until Thursday, Georgia K. with the rest gang was in the perfect home welcoming all those who wanted to congratulate the couple for the new beginning of their lives. This custom was brand new for her, she had never attend something similar in the past, so she wanted to live it by first hand, serving the guests, smiling and offering them her best thank you to their wishes of getting married too! :P
The first outfit she chose to wear, was a H&M dress with blue&red stripes along with a pair of platforms. It's the "can't go wrong" combination of these two colors and the psychedelic effect of the stripes that make this dress one her favorites. And for the record, the majority of what Georgia K. is wearing and showing to you, has been bought one, two, maybe three years ago and the cost of each piece is low. A proof that her mania with clothes was there before blogging and that style is not a matter of money. 
OK, now let's see some photos with this outfit. The last one is a special one again! 

Hasta la próxima :)


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