Monday, July 01, 2013

Dance me to the end of blue.

OMG, blue again? OK, you have probably been bored with that color but honestly, could you think a more suitable hue for that dress? In this case (and generally in such type of dresses), blue makes the outfit look classy, a "statement", a mellow power that doesn't need to be loud in order to stand out. 
Georgia K. combined this dress with a pair of high heels in the color of the sand and pearl earrings. And what about the hairdo? Oh, Ksanthi, a talented young hairdresser just read her mind and made it in 5 minutes. This outfit could have be chosen for the wedding day and actually that was the first thought. But she chose to wear a different dress, one that once she wore it in the store, she said: "This is it!" More to see soon in the final (finally!) post of the wedding week...

#Wearing Toi&Moi maxi dress


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