Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Nights

It's been a while since the last post. Blame summer mood, blame winter's overload that cries out for a bit "Do nothing at all"... You might not have noticed her absence at all but it's a matter of consistency and Georgia K. is famous for being consistent on what she loves (like a genius Aries!). And she loves her baby! So she's willing to fight for this "consistency"! :P
So here we go now with a talk about summer nights... Some weeks ago, she spent an extended weekend (Monday included) in Sparta. It's always nice being there because her village belongs to the same prefecture, so practically it's like she's visiting her home. Actually, she visited it and spent one day there!
Anyway, she had a really good time. She spent her days visiting various beaches and then going out to enjoy the summer nights. Different spots every night from Sparta to the castle of Monemvasia and then back to Sparta, this time near the magnificent archaeological site of Mystras.Cocktails and beers in a mix of past, familiar faces and summer positive mood.
The wearing options? Dress, dress and... dress! Probably the top of mind choice when it comes to this season. Tropical and geometric prints, lots of colors combined with summer platforms and big clutches. OK, one night she went monochrome, wearing a veraman dress with a pair of sandals (by Vassiliki of course!). Which one of them do you prefer? What would you wear on a summer night?...


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