Thursday, July 04, 2013

Wedding Story

And this is how the wedding week came to an end... With the actual wedding! There was emotion, happiness and... a vibe of coolness around! Her best friend was probably the most relaxed bride she had ever seen. Actually, she was the first bride that Georgia K. was so close to her but there is a panic rumour that comes around the weddings, so her baby was a positive surprise to her and an example to be followed by the brides to come! 
For this special day, she chose to wear a maxi dress with zigzag print. She found it in a shop where she wasn't sure if she would finally get in. When the saleswoman showed it to her, she wasn't sure if she would put it on. "Noooo, it's not blue....!!!" But she's in favor of trying and rejecting, rather than not trying at all. So she gave it a shot. And the funny thing is that when she looked herself at the mirror, she said: "This is it!! This is the dress that fits that wedding!" She also felt like a mermaid, but not sure if you want to hear about that version of the story.. The same thing happened with the clutch... When she saw it, she knew it was the only one that could stand with such dignity next to the dress. The hairdo and the makeup had a professional touch (obviously!). Nice for such occasions but when it comes to makeup, she always thinks that less is more.. Anyway, it's always welcome to have special treatments!
Of course, as you'll see below, there is a special pic but without the bride! This is because, although there was a cool vibe in the house that day, the gang ended up running so as to catch up on everything. So there was no time for decent photos with her! But the bride remained calm. After all, it was her day...

PS. The special pic is coming with a big THANK YOU to Angela, the Maid of Honor, that was the personal photographer of Georgia K. that week. The greatest of all is that Angela insisted more of her on having nice photos to show you! Actually, Georgia K. would love to know which outfit of that week is your favorite one... So, let the comment begin!!!

Accessorize clutch 


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