Thursday, August 01, 2013

August anticipations.

It's 1st of August, in Greece it's really hot and everyone is getting ready for their summer vacations... August is the most summery month of the summer, full of expectations to live what we want to live, feel what we want to feel and do whatever the hell we wanna do the whole year. Right or wrong, no one could answer that. Georgia K. believes that this month is overrated.And this, by default, makes expectations a bit more elusive. 
But this is not a pessimistic post. We should only share positive thoughts and keep smiling. And if someone wants to grumble, well it would be better to keep that for themselves. This August let yourself get rid of too many thoughts and too much anticipation. Be cool, have fun, be with the people you love and they make you smile... Go out, enjoy the sun, drink (consciously), read one book at least (if you like reading obviously), visit your roots, visit an island, be a tourist in your own city, relax, reboot, dance, stare at the moon, laugh more, dream... And then set the only acceptable expectation: To incorporate these habits to the rest months of the year as well. Because in the end of the day, life will be more enjoyable if you do what you want to do constantly rather than waiting to squeeze them on one, two or three vacation weeks.
The photos of this post are full of summer, sun, sea and palms (Georgia K's crush) of course! They're taken some weeks ago in the south part of Greece, in Elafonissos and Plytra, Laconia. Beautiful places with amazing beaches, few km away from her vacation place of the last 27 years. In a couple of weeks, she'll be there again. To live a bit of a homey August... Bloom!


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