Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goodbye August!

Today, it's the last day of August. The last day of the summer. Or maybe not, if you live in Greece, so in that case, the summer (or the summer mood) lasts until end of September (and sometimes even longer!). So could we say that this post is the last one for this summer? Mmmmmm probably not, because a couple of them are on their way too.
Today's post will just be a goodbye to August, celebrating the fantastic days she had in Syros island. Of course, she needed a good company for the great time there, she couldn't make it on her own. So special thanks to the partners in crime: Voula, Iliana, Violeta, Vassilis & Iasonas (or Patroklos). For all the fun, the cry-laughing, the dancing, the drinks, the chance to wear her skirts and her sandals apart from beach wearing (click here in case you missed them)... Well, sorry but Georgia K. doesn't want to spend all the day in the beach during her vacation, she also wants to go out in the night and feel the summer mood in the bars (or maybe sitting in a bench while eating an ice-cream)! :) Mostly, thanks for the unexpectedly fantastic time we had all together!
The unexpected is always better and we've talked about this before (What? Haven't you read about August anticipations?) So, don't worry if nothing "special" happened during August, as already said, this month is a bit overrated. Georgia K. doesn't believe that much in its magic. She finds that the new "academic" resolutions we make upon the arrival of September are more powerful. And if you try to make your owns as well, you won't feel sad thinking that this summer came to an end. Try to find your August in every single month of the year.

Can't say more, inside joke created in Syros ;)



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