Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet her at Syros.

It's been a while since the last post. But here we are! Georgia K. spent some days of her summer vacations in Syros, a Greek island which is the capital of Cyclades. She didn't expect that her stay there would end up with decent photos to show you. Mostly because her camera crashed out (what a blogger eh?) but also because no matter how vanity you carry with you, you're on vacation. And the only thing you want is to have a good time, laugh, explore the place you have visited and generally live the moment and not just capture it so as to show it off in the social media world.
OK, and now some honesty... We're talking about Georgia K. so vanity never goes off totally. And thanks to the great company she had with her, there we go! All the island outfits were about skirts, a maxi dress (suitable also for a wedding editorial :P) tank tops, flat sandals and a colorful animal printed scarf for the cool night breeze! Some accessories to bright up the outfit, natural hairdo, aaaalmost natural make up and that was all. Needless to say that there was also a pair of high heels sandals in the suitcase but it turned out that there was no chance to be worn in the tiled alleys of Syros! Needless to say also that she had a blast there :)
Some other island posts will follow, so stay tuned ;)


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