Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Same old story. Blue again, no matter what shade - actually, if there are 50 shades of blue, Georgia K. probably has them all! This summer (ooops, this wasn't the last summer post?!), Georgia K. had 2 special occasions to attend (apart from her best friend's wedding), so she had to wear something a bit formal. But she didn't want to buy something specific for these two events. Because she loves shopping but when she wants to, not when she has to. 
So she went back to her wardrobe and picked up 2 dresses, in the hues of blue of course. The first one was bought 4 years ago for a wedding. The second one, was bought 3 years ago, again for a (amazing) wedding. The first time she wore them, she went by the book, trying to combine the shoes with the bag etc. This time, she wanted to express it a bit differently. And her beloved prints were there, once again. So, with the addition of a printed H&M clutch, the monochrome (OK, with a splash of gold) dress experienced a color revival. And for the second dress... When Georgia K. bought these high heel sandals, she thought they would do a perfect match with the dress. The only thing that was missing, was the right clutch... And by looking at her brand new sandals, it came up... Stripes!! In black and white! She saw visualised the clutch she dreamt of, in an Accessorize store and there was no dilemma on buying it or not. :)
Now, if we had photos from the first time she wore these dresses and we're trying to find similarities and differences, we could say that blue obsession never went of. But also, a print obsession came up and guess what... It's not going anywhere, no matter of trends and fashion rules!


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