Sunday, September 08, 2013

Summertime sadness

Georgia K. is not so sure about the exact meaning of that phrase... Is it about the sadness you feel because summer is over once again or the sadness you feel (sometimes) during summer? Because the summer, deep inside of it, hides a little of sadness, but it is well covered thanks to the incredible sun, the time you pass near (or inside) the sea and so many other factors that make you forget it. And makes summer for all of us, i r r e p l a c e a b l e.
This is the last summery post, Georgia K. is already in a autumn mood (actually in a winter one, but please don't hit her :P) but she thought it would be nice to start September with summer photos, just to make this transition a bit more easier. Mmmm, actually for you, not for her :P

Happy autumn to everyone!


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