Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The one for H&M.

A couple of weeks ago Georgia K. went to an H&M event that was dedicated to Denim Urban Culture. She went there straight after work, so she had to wear something suitable for office but also for a ...denimized night out. So she chose to wear her favorite skinny jean and her brand new sporty T-shirt, along with a pair of high heels sandals, just to make the outfit a little more chic. The funny thing was that this T-shirt, not feminine at all, received positive feedback from men! What to say, we'll never understand what they really like/want!
Next aspiration for Georgia K. is to wear this H&M sporty tee with a pencil skirt, the ultimate combination of ladylike strictness and a teenager that just wanna!



  1. Sehr gelungene Bilder und das Outfit sieht toll aus.

    1. Although I don't speak German, you probably mean that you like the pics, right?
      Thank you Maria!


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