Friday, September 27, 2013

Urban Graffiti

Georgia K. loves graffiti in the streets. She likes any kind of illustration, the mix of colors, shapes, thoughts written on a wall or just in a piece of paper. Not that she's good at this... Not at all! But she really admires people that are doing this kind of stuff. She thinks they're actually really talented and gifted in the same time. Like her friend Ifigenia who draw the illustrations of this blog. Georgia K. had just to describe what she wanted in a few words (prints, prints, prints) and the result is what you see. Simply amazing!
One Sunday, both girls went downtown for a coffee. While walking in the streets of Athens, they found this graffiti. Α colorful abyss under the camouflage of a woman's face, just to get your mind away from the grey buildings. "Wow, look at that graffiti over there, we definitely have to take some photos with this background!" said Georgia K. to Ifigenia. So they did it. And after that, they went for pizza. Typical Sunday story ;)

The motto of the tee is pretty simple and food for thought:

Total outfit: ZARA


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