Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AXDW: Day 1

Athens has also its fashion week and the 14th AXDW (Athens Xclusive Designers Week) took place last weekend. Georgia K. spent 2 days there, watching fashion shows, hanging around with friends, get photographed (no vanity at all) and having a good time. This year it wasn't that tiring as the last one. Somehow, she entered the shows without having to wait too much, she found easily a seat, she even sat second row thanks to her friend Ifigenia! Two of the shows she watched, caught her attention, the ones of Makis Tselios and Apostolos Mitropoulos. The first show was a journey to the past, the second one was a future trip! Unfortunately, no photos to show you :(
Now, let's talk about the outfit... It all went black this time! Pretty strange because in such cases, Georgia K. always wants to show off how print addicted she is. Because, if we want to be honest, Fashion Week is all about see and been seen in interesting (?) outfits. But this time, she thought of it a bit differently. And she decided to create a "collaboration" theme inspired by her partner in crime, Ifigenia in the city who decided to wear black outfits during AXDW. So the first one was about a maxi dress, a perfecto (both Stradivarius), boots (H&M) and a striped black&white clutch (Accessorize) to bright it up.
Since Georgia K. wasn't alone there, in the photos below, you can also see some very beautiful girls, some of them bloggers, some of them not. Because you don't have to call yourself blogger to know how to get dressed in a very interesting way...



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