Friday, October 25, 2013

AXDW: Day 2

The second day was black again. A jumpsuit in black&white along with a "punk" blazer (Zara). Needless to say how much she loves it. She bought it last year, it was love at first sight and, thank God, punk mood is still ON this season... But to be honest, despite trends, she'll keep wearing this piece in the years to come! She wore also a pair of colorful pumps (green or blue, whatever, she was never good at recognising colors) and her beloved Accessorize striped clutch! 
Thanks to her friend Ifigenia, she watched one show sitting in the second row and what she realised, was how difficult it is sometimes being a model. Her beautiful friends (Ifigenia, Mary, Spyridoula) were again with her, wearing all of them something... BLACK!!! Ifigenia was really an inspiration this time (at least for Georgia K.) with her black theme!
So this was the 2nd outfit for AXDW... Which one do you like? ;)


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