Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's black and it's Realme.

After the photoshooting for RealMe magazine, she & her partner in crime Ifigenia (who was also  part of this fashion editorial!) took some pictures wearing their own outfits. Georgia K. used to had a more girlie style but lately, she seems to have a serious addiction to black. Blame her friends (Ifigenia & Electra)? Blame the winter? Not really! Black was always there, maybe in a lower dose but still present. With its darkness and its mysterious romanticism, classy yet simple. The color that says "Please leave me alone, I don't want to say anything" but at the same time, it has that magical effect, that you can not take your eyes of it.
So on that day, it was Sunday morning, she chose to wear these clothes. Not the typical outfit you would imagine for a morning, but this is Georgia K. and if she thinks that she wants to wear a studded blazer at 10 o'clock in the morning, SHE WILL DO IT. And she did so . Along with her favorite H&M black boots, a pair of Mango ripped jeans and a BSB bordeaux shirt (a gift she got from two very cute sisters, Hara & Maria). 
The photoshooting took place at the Zappeion Gardens, right in the centre of Athens. A breath of fresh air among cars and buildings. "So why not taking advantage of the place and have some photos?" they said. They did so and then they left to enjoy the rest of the day. 





  3. Cool boots :)
    Maria V.


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