Sunday, November 03, 2013

One sunny afternoon

It's 3rd of November and in Greece, winter hasn't arrived yet! It's sunny outside and absolutely no need for a coat... This is why Georgia K. remembered of a shiny September afternoon, when she went for a coffee downtown with her friends, Ifigenia & Mary. The photos were taken in a beautiful square (Kotzia sq.), where in the middle of buildings, you are surprised and pleased to find trees, water and a fountain!
This outfit is one of her favorites. A mix of blue (of course), black & white, with red details, a casual chic look that can easily take you from work to coffee and then for cocktails. Oh, and red lips, her trick to bright her face when she's bored to deal with make up stuff! Her girls were so well-dressed (like always, according to her opinion), so it would be a pity not showing them here :)

Have a great, sweet November guys!


Zara sandals, tee & bag
H&M chino pants

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